Many of us have either received the phone call or the email saying we owe a ton of money, but that might not actually be true.

Phone and email scams happen all over the world and hopefully not many fall victim to the fraud.

"These phone scams from the Canada Revenue Agency are nothing new. There's been media releases and warnings put out by the CRA over the past several years now, but they seem to show up around tax season," stated Staff Sergeant with the Drumheller RCMP, Kevin Charles.

"The latest ones here will be phone calls from someone claiming to work for the CRA saying that you owe taxes. They might use aggressive or forceful language to scare people into paying these factitious debts, they may request credit cards or convince someone to purchase a pre-paid credit card and then call them back right away with all the information," Charles added.

The Canadian Revenue Agency will never request pre-paid credit cards for payment options or ask for personal information.

"They don't ask for personal information on passports, health cards or drivers licenses, they're not going to leave personal information on your answering machine and they are certainly not going to ask you to call back and leave your personal information on their answering machine," explained Charles. "I have received several emails here from a person claiming to be with the Canada Revenue Agency and was offering me an interact credit online. That's not how I get my taxes done, so right away that's a red flag for me."

Charles mentioned that if it sounds too good to be true, the chances are it really is.

If someone receives a phone call or email scam, what should they do?

"Canada Revenue Agency recommends that if you receive such a phone call just simply hang up and report it to the Canada Anti-Fraud centre. They can call the RCMP as well, but it is pretty difficult for us to track where these numbers are calling from as many are from the other side of the globe. By all means, if in doubt just call the RCMP and we can provide some guidance as well," concluded Charles.

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