There has always been a plethora of history in the Drumheller area, but one family has made a historic donation that families from all over the world can enjoy.

Kent Walker, a Drumheller local,  just donated a 1935 two-ton Ford steel dump truck to the Atlas Coal Mine. The thing that makes this truck unique is that it was actually used by the Department of Mines and Kent WalkerKent Walker   Resources back in the day.

"Well, I had it in storage for the last number of years. It has been in my life my whole life, and I thought what is the point of having it stored, let's let other people see it.
The right thing to do was the Atlas Coal Mine, and partially because it was a Department of Mines and Resources truck," said Walker.

The truck was used by the family during harvest and carries many memories inside.

"I know on the inside on the steering wheel, there are initials of myself and my brothers. Written up on the side was who drove it for harvest. I learned how to drive on that truck when I was about 8. I know on centennial year in '67, I know I was driving that year obviously because there was a little insignia on the steering wheel I carved in," reminisced Walker.

While Walker has had the truck his entire life, the origins of the truck is still a bit of a mystery.

"The truck is eighty-three years old now, I know my dad did work in the mine but I never, in my whole life, asked him where he got that truck. It was just always a cool old truck we had. My brother and I would steal sometimes over to the neighbors when our parents were away, and then we would try and park it in the exact same spot so they didn't know we had driven it," chuckled Walker.  

The truck looks very much in place against the backdrop of the tipple towering over the Atlas Coal Mine. They plan on keeping the truck exactly the way it is, with the exception of replacing a few windows.

The mine is currently learning as much as they can about the truck, and looking into its mysterious history.

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