It's been more than six months since anyone in Drumheller had a dip in the Aquaplex indoor pool, but it's only six days until they can get back in the swim.
The new, gradual entry pool is scheduled to reopen the morning of Thursday, November 16.
"The contractors all expected to be out of here by the end of October (and) our public is frustrated: they're thinking are we ever going to see this thing open up?," noted Darryl Drohomerski, the town's new CAO. "It's probably a $300-400 fitting and it's just held up up a lot of work that's taken a while to get done as a result of it."
The fitting in question is a special plumbing joint from the manufacturer. Several of them failed, forcing them to be replaced a couple of times. However, that is in the past and Drohomerski said they've been filling the pool, testing the water and heating things up for the first public swim.
"Provided we can approval from Alberta Health, we'll be open on Thursday for the public," he outlined. "We're going to do a soft opening just to make sure that we're not going to have a grand, splashy opening and something doesn't work properly, but things are looking up and finally, we're seeing the end of this long, dark tunnel."
"I've been there every few days all spring, summer and fall and even last week, to walk in there and see almost a completed project, it's really exciting," Drohomerski enthused. "I think people will be really excited and, hopefully, we'll get back more families and seniors who want to stay in the shallow end of the pool."
Darryl DrohomerskiDarryl Drohomerski shows off a defective fitting.

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