With the ups and downs of temperatures and the barometric pressure that the Valley has had over the past couple of weeks, migraines seem to be the main topic of the community.

Each individual experience of living with chronic migraines are different in the Drumheller and the surrounding area. 

Some experience the full works. Nausea, vomiting, aura, tight upper chest, impaired hearing, slurred speech, loss of balance, blackouts and sensitivity to light and sound.

Cara McInnis, the new owner of The Valley Health Hub has been researching migraines as of late to try and help the Drumheller Valley with some answers and remedies.

One of the supplements that a person can use to curb the brain pounding, eye closing headache is magnesium," she continued. "Magnesium is huge in a lot of things. I can't tell you how many times magnesium comes up as a treatment for so many different things."

"People who get migraines often have low brain magnesium during an attack. Taking magnesium as a daily supplement can minimize the frequency as well as the severity of a migraine attack. Between 400 and 500 mg a day."

McInnis is open to trying remedies for her own ailments, and when brewers yeast was suggested by a customer that swears by it, she gave it a try.

"Brewers yeast for migraines, I did try it, and for me, it got rid of the headache. If you don't have any sensitivities, it's another one that is definitely worth trying."

There is a cold snap that is about to hit the Valley and surrounding area this weekend and starting the right regiment of a helpful supplement could be the answer for you.

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