A contagious bacteria has been making its way through Alberta cattle herds recently.
Bovine Tuberculosis was discovered on a southern Alberta ranch in late 2016 and since that time ranchers have been paying close attention to their herds.
The Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA) will be holding a information seminar on Thursday, January 26 in Hanna dedicated to helping ranchers better understand the bacteria. 
"The idea for the workshop is actually initiated by Tamara Quaschnick, she runs Steadfast Veterinary Services in the Hanna area. I guess she was getting questions from producers, not just those directly involved with the current situation, but others saying 'how can we protect ourselves down the road'," stated Dianne Westerlund with CARA.
Westerlund mentioned that she's unsure if the Hanna area has been affected, but knows there were herds in other areas. 
"I know there were some herds affected in the Oyen area and as far north as Consort, just because of connections with cattle movement and sales."
Who are some guest speakers that will be at the information seminar?
"Dr. Sylvia Checkely, she's a veterinarian from the Calgary area, we have a fellow from Canfax coming to talk a bit more of the marketing side, also a fellow from the CFIA who will do a bit of an update as well and we have Dr. John Campbell from the University of Saskatchewan," explained Westerlund. 
"The intention is to provide some information for producers so they can put up some safeguards and management strategies to prevent something similar happening down the road."
For those who are interested in the seminar, it runs from 4:30 p.m. until 9:00. 
"They can call us directly at 1-403-664-3777. We also have the email address, [email protected], they can contact and they can also go online at the Chinook Applied Research website," outlined Westerlund. 

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