An alternative energy solution is being brought to a community close to Drumheller. 
Kronos Solar Power will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, November 24. 
"This project is a solar plant, or as we call it a solar park, that will generate 10 mega-watts of new electricity which would be connected through the distribution network. That network happens to be Atco," stated Mankan Yarandi from Kronos Solar Power. 
This Open House is being held to let locals ask questions and learn more about what solar power does and how it can have an effect on the surrounding businesses or residents. 
"One of the criteria that we do for all of our projects and in Alberta it's a criteria that is set out by the government as well. It's to have one of these public consultation events," explained Yarandi. "So that they're fully aware of what you are proposing. It allows them to ask any questions so they can get more familiar, especially with the new technology like solar, in which there is a learning curve there for the people of Alberta."
Yarandi reported to 99.5 Drum FM that this new solar project will cover roughly around 20 hectares. 
"What that accumulates to is around 2 hectares per mega-watt. What this will provide is electricity, clean electricity, powered to over 12,000 individuals. If you divide that by a household of four people, you're looking around 3,000 households that will be generated with clean energy," Yarandi outlined. 
"One of the main reasons why we choose agriculture and cultivated areas outside of big towns is that the impact is minimal for the communities around. It also does create temporary and full time jobs," added Yarandi.
So, how can one learn more about your company and the projects if they cannot make it to the Open House?
"If it's somebody that is close to one of these solar projects and they have time, the best way would be for them to meet us at one of the public consultations. Obviously not everybody has the time, so they can visit our website which is," mentioned Yarandi. 

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