Over the weekend, artists shared their earnings to help a community member with Lyme Disease.

The Badlands Community Facility was host to an art show, the Art for Lyme Disease fundraiser, which had a goal in mind, to raise money for a local community member who has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The sales were generated by purchasing the art that was on display.

"A portion of the sales are going to fund an artist's Lyme treatment," said Jillian Augey head of the Lyme Light Society. "She used to be a member of Lyme Light Society and sadly was bit by a tick and is quite ill."

Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria that spreads once a tick bites its host. From there, rashes, fevers, chills, headaches, muscle and joint pains, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue can occur. If left untreated or misdiagnosed, Lyme Disease can cause heart disorders, arthritis or permanent neurological disorders.

"She's at that stage now where she's unable to work, almost bed ridden," Augey said. "She has found a doctor and the treatment is slowly working. But it won't get her back to work anytime soon so that's why we are wanting to help her out a little bit with some of the payments."

Specific treatments for Lyme Disease can be very expensive and are not covered by Alberta Health Care.

"Lyme Disease comes with multi-faceted symptoms," explained Pat Doyle, Pharmacist at Anderson Drug. "It's almost like chronic-fatigue in a sense that they suffer from all these kind of symptoms that may not feel like they are being alleviated by the treatment they are getting here."

Doyle says that the treatment outside of what is readily available for persons with Lyme Disease in Alberta is where the expensive nature of the treatment comes from.

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