The Drumheller Valley residents had the opportunity to discuss business ideas this past Saturday, January 21 with Community Futures Big Country. 
"I thought it went well. We had way more people we thought were going to be there. I think we had 12 to 14 people when we only expected to have seven or eight, so that was good," stated Chris Curtis, who chairs the board of directors for Community Futures Big Country. 
Curtis was extremely impressed with the depth of ideas people brought in and wanted to turn into a business. 
"There were some people there that wanted to start a business and weren't sure of where to go, but they all had ideas already. They came in with ideas saying this is what I think I want to do and how do I make this a reality. One of the nice things that I think they really understood was that ideas are a dime a dozen, but it's the opportunity that's really gold," Curtis added. 
There were a few main points that Curtis and the staff at Community Futures Big Country got across to the soon-to-be entrepreneurs. 
"The first one I said is the most important thing in starting a business is the entrepreneur themselves. They need to believe in the idea before they can expect other people to buy from them," explained Curtis. 
"I think one of the other things would be don't over plan. There are so many people I know that have an idea and start to plan out their business, but it takes them two to three years to create a business plan. I always tell them they're more planners than they are entrepreneurs," Curtis mentioned. 
"I think the other thing that was really important was to start lean. Don't go out and get a big loan to saddle yourself in debt. Start small and make sure that the idea has some sort of market validation, then build the business up."
This was the first 'Ideas to Opportunities' seminar held and they plan on doing some more. 
"We'll do one on business planning, one on what I call creative resourcefulness and the other one is dealing with people."
"I really enjoyed it, I had a good time and everyone seemed very enthusiastic leaving. The goal for us putting these workshops on is to help develop the entrepreneurial spirit in the citizens of Drumheller, so that they feel comfortable and capable of starting a business," expressed Curtis. 
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