The Town of Drumheller has been recognized by Wheatland County for its recreational activities. 
"We've set up a program called the CRISP, which is the Community Regional Service Infrastructure Program. It's for the communities that Wheatland County works with, within our own jurisdiction and without our jurisdiction, where we know our residents go and use sporting facilities and those types of things," stated Ben Armstrong, Deputy Reeve for Wheatland County. 
"We wanted to help those areas because we know those residents use them. We dedicated a quarter of a mill from our tax base and it's based on a population per capita. There's a base grant and then a population grant along with it," Armstrong explained. 
The CRISP program has been set up as a five year agreement. 
"We've included the towns of Strathmore, Drumheller, Hussar, Standard and Rockyford in the program. All we ask is they recognize the county for their contribution. It's theirs to use as they feel necessary and hopefully it meets up with where the government has been coming from the last few years," Armstrong added. 
Drumheller's Mayor, Terry Yemen, reported to 99.5 Drum FM that as of now there isn't any specific thing the county money will be used for yet, but he assured us it will be spent on good causes. 
"We've always enjoyed good cooperation with our neighbours and this is just another example of it," mentioned Mayor Yemen.
"Drumheller is again very grateful to our neighbours. It's not just a money thing, there's a lot of things that we cooperate in like firefighting. Look what happened in 2005 and 2013 with the flooding. It was all hands on deck from all the municipalities; the cooperation is alive and well and very much appreciated."
The Community Regional Services Infrastructure Program's funding was set as follows:
Strathmore - $204,464.09
Drumheller - $17,974.86
Hussar - $71,150.51
Rockyford - $105,602.33
Standard - $89,874.32
Gleichen - $134,811.49
Carseland - $125,075.10

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