Things are looking promising for local farmers due to the favourable weather the area has been receiving lately.
They have been working to get their crops off the field before winter strikes.
"We managed to get wrapped up and I think a lot of guys are getting close," said local farmer, Gary Chambers. "It's kind of one of those marathon type years that you hope you don't have very often, but we've managed to get it in the bin. It looks like a lot of guys are with the forecast so that is great news for farmers."
"I typically set the clock for winter at October because around Halloween it (the weather) seems to turn lousy. Obviously you get the exceptions and this year was one of them," explained Chambers. 
He added that it has been a tough year, but overall he is pleased with the results considering the previous stretch of bad weather.
"We'll get the sample sent out and find out what the quality is, it still looks like it could hang on as a two," noted Chambers. "It's not as bad as you thought it would have been having sat out for the past two months. Overall, we mostly just had wheat left. "Quality wise it's going to be up in the air, but quantity wise it was a great crop. The yields were exceptional."
According to Chambers, this year was more challenging psychologically as opposed to physically with having to deal with the possibility of leaving a large part of the crop on the field.
To stay updated on the latest Alberta Crop Reports follow this link.

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