It's been a long process for Travel Drumheller, but their newly revamped website is up and running. 
"Drumheller is very visual, anyone who has been there knows that when you drive into the valley it's like entering another realm. Showing the landscape and showing what's there is really part of showing the experience we want people to see when they go to the site," stated Alyssa Berry, Executive Director for Travel Drumheller. 
"Yes there is dinosaurs and you can go to the Tyrrell, but there's actually amazing landscapes and history that we wanted to make sure were highlighted in the site."
Berry explained that in this digital age of social media on mobile devices, potential tourists are looking for experiences that are easily viewed on their mobile devices and can be easily used to book accommodations or attractions. 
"In the generation of the millennial, which is now the largest travelling segment of the population, they don't make decisions until they're in destinations. You need to provide them an access point on their phone to figure out what they're going to do," Berry noted. 
The new Travel Drumheller website is easy to navigate and is very visual. 
"It's social connected, it's pulling in our Instagram feed so you can see images that are posted to Drumheller. It will be easy to update all the time so you can always go back and get new information," outlined Berry. 
Over the next couple of weeks, Travel Drumheller will be updating the content on the website. Berry mentioned that they need the help of their partners to get updated information in.
"We ended up transferring a lot of the content that was on the old site to the new one for time sake, so we know a lot of businesses may require updated websites or information. We're requesting businesses to see if their information needs updating or if you're a new business and not on there, let us know so we can update the content to ensure everything is ready to go."
To access the new Travel Drumheller website, follow this link
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