Some Drumheller Valley Secondary School students opted out of eating for 30 hours for a good cause.

Over the weekend on May 4 and 5, students from DVSS made an effort to put themselves in others' shoes by fasting for 30 hours.  The students stayed well hydrated during the fast that took place in Room 214 on the second floor of DVSS. Jason Rasmussen, one of the teachers and facilitators of the fast, accompanied the students for the overnight event.

"It was a great time. We, of course, suffered through the 30 hours of no food and that culminated with a bit of a feast here at the school," said Rasmussen. "The experience hit home with everyone. It really puts into perspective our First World problems when you go through something like that."

During the 30 hours, students and teachers only drank water.  Classroom 214 was packed with activities to keep the fasters busy, which included video games, movies and campaign style board games like Dungeons and Dragons.

"There were three different teachers and twenty-six students involved," Rasmussen said. "I heard a common theme coming back from the kids I talked to, that it's hard for us, in this world that we live in, to really understand how so many people live their daily lives."

The group picketed earlier in the day during the school's lunch hour to raise money for World Vision. Rasmussen said that the student population really stepped up and ended up collecting over $100 during the lunch hour. Altogether, the event raised $2,300. With this money, World Vision helps parts of the world by beginning the training and implementation of agriculture and livestock training.  Rasmussen provided a Biblical example: "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life."

"Unfortunately there's individuals out there that barely eat at all, maybe once or twice a week," he noted. "There's more then enough food, but it's really issues with distribution and wealth."



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