2016 was a busy year for Hanna and it's continuing into the new year. 
"We had Axia Fibre coming into our town and we were very busy researching whether we wanted to do something on our own where we'd have our own utility and turn a profit. We did consider that, but in the end we couldn't justify spending $5 million on fibre Internet when we have streets and roads that need some repairs as well," stated Hanna's Mayor Chris Warwick. 
"You're definitely leaving money on the table, but how far down the road is that going to be. There's no guarantee that if you put the fibre in that the residents are going to be buying from you."
In 2016, the coal-fired generation plants and associated mining operations were affected by the retirements. 
"We had a lot of things going on and of course we're still working on the consultation with the coal panel, it will happen sometime within the first quarter here I'm hoping. We did have a preliminary meeting with them in December and I was optimistic, it was a good initial meeting. They really wanted to know how we see their consultation going which is good to see that they are asking that question," Warwick explained. 
Mayor Warwick added that the town has a few major infrastructure projects that will be taking place within the year. 
"That's going to make the town fairly busy. We of course do have the Axia company they've hired to put the fibre in (and) they've been very busy through the winter and will be busy through the spring as well," outlined Warwick. 
In the fall of 2017, an election will take place. Mayor Warwick hasn't made a decision yet, but he expressed how much he loves the position he is in currently. 

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