Town Prepares for Evacuation of Low-Lying Areas

Bryan-Flood-3photo by Bryan Wilson

June 22, 10:35 a.m. - After a meeting of the Emergency Operations Centre – the Town has initiated evacuation plans for low-lying areas and established an emergency evacuation reception centre at the Greentree Mall/ Drumheller Co-op.

Evacuees will be contacted directly by Town representatives as soon as possible. Evacuees should report to the Reception Centre located at the Greentree Mall.

Revised projections from Alberta Environment shows peak flow rates of 1,370 m3/s and a comparable flooding scenario to what was experienced in 2005. Town of Drumheller staff and emergency services personnel have been redeployed to areas requiring the most attention at this time.

The Badlands Community Facility and Drumheller Aquaplex have been closed to the public.

A sandbagging location has been identified as the south east corner of the IGA parking lot. 

The revised timeline for the crest of the river is expected between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00.p.m Sunday, June 23.

Updates will be given as more information becomes available.

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